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Empire Influence Branding Method: How we build successful brands.

Why is it essential to know the purpose of a website?

Empire Influence is a business and brand development agency focusing on making brands visible and positioning them to become a reputable authority in their niche (genre) or area of expertise.

Our branding methodology applies a systematic approach to creating and developing a business’s brand identity. We implement a series of well-defined steps designed to create, develop, communicate, and strengthen a business’s brand identity that drives the people at the organization, their shared vision of the company, and the principles they believe in, and project it outwardly to the intended audiences. 

Our branding method consists of 3 interrelated phases

  1. Strategizing 
  2. Creation
  3. Development 


Followed by the Launch phase and Evolve ( growth) phase. All of which are essential to the success of any marketing and business development and growth program. 

Our process can be applied to either developing a new brand or rebranding an existing brand.

The Stages of brand identity development


Behind every successful brand is a well-thought-out strategy. We take the core of your brand, research, plan, and create a forward-thinking strategy that simplifies and clarifies all the details that will make you stand out and grow your business. Getting this phase right is critical to your brand’s overall success, so we’ve broken it down into steps.

    • Research and discover

We start with the research and discovery phase by discussing the overall vision and goals you have for your business. Then we gather information to get to know your business industry, competitors, and target audience. Next, we analyze the findings to gain insight into what sets your business apart and where we should direct your development strategy—ultimately providing you with an edge over the competition and helping you STAND OUT in the eyes of your intended audience. 

    • Strategize

Our branding strategy is based on the findings from our research and discovery phase. While the research and discovery phase is about exploration, this step focuses on and consolidates your values, business aspirations, and vision for the future. The strategy stage sets the tone of your communication and provides a rallying point for your team regarding brand values and business direction.


We turn a static idea into a living thing by aligning platforms and design, setting the tone for the identity and consistency of your business and brand.

We will create a cohesive identity with our branding system designing your logos, fonts, colors, and more for consistency and identifiability.

In this phase, we turn your brand into something tangible. Your brand identity includes many of the most visible elements of a brand, including:

  • Your name
  • Your logo
  • Tagline
  • Color palette
  • Imagery
  • Writing style (voice)
  • Business cards
  • Stationery suite
  • Business collateral

As part of a branding process, (or, in the case of a rebrand) you may use some or all of these elements. Your brand identity is an opportunity to take the spirit of your positioning and turn it into something people can see and experience — including a distinctive personality and voice.


We focus on how the consumer will experience your brand; this is when creation and growth collide, turning our strategy and design into a tangible user-friendly experience.

This is where we position you for success with cohesive, memorable design and functionality across all platforms.

  • Website
  • Social media 
  • Listing 
  • Ads
  • Mobile Apps

Building on your brand strategy, these platforms equip you to increase your brand’s visibility and expertise. Exactly which platforms you need will depend on how you plan to promote your brand’s visibility.

Whether we build a new presence from scratch or retrofit your existing presence to be more engaging, you’ll want to ensure it reflects your new brand positioning and communicates the right messages to your target audience.


You get one shot at making a lasting first impression when revealing your brand identity to the world, and that moment can last in a potential customer’s mind for years, so you want to make it count.

A brand launch can take on many forms, from a few business cards to a website or a fully immersive experience like an event.
How you introduce your new brand can affect the overall success, so we carefully plan the launch to maximize the opportunity for success—allowing you to get your business off to a roaring start.

If you want to see a detailed breakdown of each stage’s activities, head to our process page.


We’re in the business of building game changers, and we know that Your new brand is only the beginning.
So we like to continue our relationships long after launch by monitoring, updating, and tracking growth because we don’t succeed unless you do.

We want to ensure your brand’s story is received the way it’s intended, all while maximizing your business goals, be it leads or sales. In addition, we want to make sure your business steadily grows and reaches your audience.

Are You Ready To Be A Game Changer?

Do your logo and website scream “I’m outdated” to potential customers?
Are you on an antiquated website platform that you can’t manage?
Are you pivoting your service offerings? Or is your business just long overdue for a rebrand? We can help.

If your logo isn’t saying these four things, its time to consider a rebrand. We have a team of in-house industry experts and designers ready to help you create a brand that makes some noise and builds authority.


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